Coaching Clinics

Chris Corkum’s Baseball Inc. has conducted over 1,000 coaching clinics since 1984. Our clinics have been received so enthusiastically for 2 reasons. The first reason is that we provide the coaches with drills and enjoyable skill games that keep practices exiting while improving the player’s basic skills and maintaining their attention span. The second reason why our coach’s clinics are in demand is that they are conducted in a hands on fashion. Coaches are strongly encouraged to bring their gloves and to actively participate in the clinic activities. Learning by actually doing is the best way to learn and improve skills for both children and adults. At the conclusion of a coaches clinic so many times coaches will express that they have not had so much fun playing baseball since they were a kid. It is that feeling we want the coaches taking back to their teams and practices. Every program we run has 2 basic goals. They are that we learn something new and have a lot of fun doing it!


Scheduling: We conduct the majority of our coaches clinics in March and early April. Generally speaking they are held during the week at a gym of your procurement in your town. You may contact us by phone 860-623-1027 or by our contact form to discuss dates and times.

Duration: Most Clinics last approximately 2 ½ hours, starting at 6:30 or 7:00.

Topics: Basic topics that are covered include, practice planning, coaching philosophy, throwing, pitching, hitting and defensive play. Other specific topics will be covered at the league’s request.

What to bring: Coaches should wear workout gear and bring their glove. We will bring all other necessary equipment.

DVD: We will donate our instructional DVD to your organization. We will offer for sale to the coaches that DVD for a discounted price of $20.

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